To My Unborn Child

“Now may every living thing, young or old,

weak or strong, living near or far, known or

unknown, living or departed or yet unborn,

may every living thing be full of bliss.” 

― AnonymousThe Dhammapada

A pregnant woman with her hand over her belly and a butterfly on her hand
Photo Credit: adamjonfuller via Compfight cc

To my little boy

Yet to be born

I do not care if you get my eyes

Nose, ears, or curly hair

You have lived in me

A part of me

My son

We will forever be bound together

The only thing I wish for you

What I hope you will do

Be a better man my son

Than what the world expects you to be

It sets the bar oh so low

For a boy to become a man

As if

That’s all a man can be

But you my child

Are a butterfly in the making

Spreading your wings in the cocoon I weave

Be everything you wish to be

You my darling son

Are born to a man

Who will show you how to be patient and kind

You are born to a woman

Who will do her best to teach you

That doing right is worth doing

You might hear ridicule

That’s what the world does

To souls that do not melt into the crowd

To the lion-hearted who stand apart

I’d rather you be different my son

Than be the man the world expects you to be