This Bank Manager Changed People’s Lives

“I feel it doesn’t matter what you are or what your work is. It is your approach. It is the conviction behind the approach. You can talk about global economic or financial crisis. Or the need to bring about drastic change in the system. But the importance is cultivating people. If you do that, everything falls in to the right place. If you help them change their attitude towards life. What they are doing, why they are doing, how they can be, if you can help them to find an answer to all these things, I think we have found an answer to all the big headlines in the newspapers.”

 – J S Parthiban

This is the story of a simple man helping people in an amazing way. J S Parthiban, a bank manager in South India, has made it his mission to help villagers in his state get loans so they can work together and change their community for better.

Goes to prove we can all make a difference. What would you like to do to make a difference? Share your stories in the comments.


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