Why we must save the Taiji Dolphins

Few years back, my brother suggested that I watch a movie called “The Cove”. He told me it’s about how, in a small town not too far from Tokyo, dolphins are herded and slaughtered every year. He warned me it won’t be easy watching it. That was an understatement. Nothing could have prepared me for the horrific killing I saw in the movie. The water in Taiji’s cove literally ran red with dolphin blood.The movie even won an Oscar.

Yet this year, once again, as the whole world witnesses it, hundreds of dolphins are being held captive and slaughtered in Taiji.

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Double rainbow © Srividya K
Double rainbow © Srividya K

“If everything were black and white

Our world would be a boring sight,

Nothing mends a sad heart’s plight,

 Like rainbow colours in the light. “

[Thank you for the inspiration, Philosophy Muse]